Why TFIOS will be shot in Pittsburgh and not in Indianapolis?

John Green posted on his Tumblr why The Fault in Our Stars movie will not be shot in Indianapolis which is the main setting in the book and that is “tax incentives”. But what really is tax incentives?

Movie production incentives are tax benefits offered on a state-by-state basis throughout the United States to encourage in-state film production. ( According to wiki.) Many include tax credits and exemptions, and other incentive packages include cash grants, fee-free locations, or other perks. Proponents of these programs point to increased economic activity and job creation as justification for the credits.

We at The Fault in Our Stars Fans really doesn’t know anything much about these stuffs so we’ll leave it at that.

So why Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and not Indiana?

Based on FPC (Film Production Capital) where they rated 5 stars to the best state to produce a film, Indiana is rated zero (0) star while Pittsburgh is rated with four (4) stars. Indiana has no current incentive program while Pennsylvania offers:

Nonrefundable, transferable 25% credit, plus an additional 5% if the production meets minimum use requirements of a qualified production facility.

$60 million has been allocated through FY 2015-16, $12M cap per project, contact film office for current availability.

60% of total budget must be Pennsylvania expenditures, though can be waived with productions spending more than $30M and use of qualified production facility.

Nonresident labor subject to Pennsylvania withholdings and purchases through Pennsylvania vendors subject to state tax qualify.

$15 million aggregate expenditure cap on above the line performing artists, whether direct or loan-out.

Financing costs or credit transfer costs not allowed.

Tax credit transferees may not use tax credits to reduce their liability by more than 50%, and certain industries cannot utilize credit which has the effect of diminishing the actual value of the credit.

“To be fair, they are very similar places,” says John Green. We’ve looked through pictures of both states and we can say that yes, look quite the same so making Pittsburgh look like Indy might not be too hard.

Note: We are not knowledgeable when it comes to tax and stuffs like that. This is meant to give us an idea what is tax incentives and why filming in Indy is not possible because a lot of you are asking. Comment down below if you have any ideas and opinions and we’d gladly entertain them.


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