TFIOS Screenwriters Michael Weber and Scott Neustadter talks about Shailene Woodley and TFIOS


Page to Premiere chatted with the screenwriters of The Spectacular Now Michael Weber and Scott Neustadter. They are also the screenplay writers of The Fault in Our Stars and they’ve given us brief information about it.

You guys also wrote the screenplay for The Fault in Our Stars and I was wondering since you saw Shailene Woodley work with you’re The Spectacular Now script did you write The Fault in Our Stars script in part to play into Shailene’s strengths?
Writers: No. She was a big fan of the book and our script. It seemed like there was a false story going around that it was predetermined that she was going to be Hazel Grace but she actually did audition and beat out a couple hundred people! I’m not even sure we had met Shailene when we wrote the script for The Fault in Our Stars. It’s great. We love that we are working with her again. She’s fantastic but TFIOS script credit is obviously to an amazing book.

As a related question to that, what do you think Shailene’s strengths are as an actress?
Neustadter: I think she only has strengths. She is somebody who can kind of do anything and wants to so it’s really exciting to be on the ground floor and watch her in these two movies because I think that everything she does from now on are really going to blow everyone away.
Weber: I marveled every day on set..she was consistently the most prepared, the most professional..just got it. It really was such a pleasure working with her every day..I couldn’t say anything negative about working with her. She was just fantastic to work with and it shows on screen. She really knew the character and was such a pro.


Read the full interview in‘s page.


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