The Contributors

We at The Fault in Our Stars Fans could not do everything alone. And we are very thankful of these awesome superb people who have contributed in our blogsite.

Blog Illustrations:
Our twitter header, background, official TFIOS Fans logo and header are all created by this talented guy:

Miguel. //Follow his blog to see more of his amazing works.


Want to be a contributor?

If you want to write a post about The Fault in Our Stars, make some fanarts, or you have anything you want to share with us, we’d love to see them and feature them in our blog with full credits to you.

What are we looking for?

  • Someone who lives in Pittsburgh and Amsterdam and is willing to represent our blog to go to filming locations
  • Someone who can go to book and movie events of TFIOS

..and more! We’ll update this as soon as we need someone and it might just be you so stay updated.


E-mail us at Give us a heads-up in Twitter and Facebook too for faster replies.


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